Creative: The Cast

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Yet another MONSTER I pulled from the Saco River.

The Cast

The cast was elegant.

Arcing and firm.

Water droplets fell from the

backlit ine, braided and tempered

to match the color of the water,

a dark green near shore

and a blue-black near the deepest

parts of the channel.

Once submerged, the lure dove deep,

the extended bill acting as a bow plane

working against the force equally

to reach the trafficked depths.

As the eagle passes overhead

the pungent smell of marijuana

drifted from the trees near the

apartments, hidden by the heavy foliage.

Pulsing base and the sounds of car repair.

Wrenches on steel, strategy discussions.

And more smoke.

The paddle stroke shallow.

Puddles formed in the bottom of the canoe.

The strike came hard and fast.

Treble hooks embedded in cartilage

and bone.

The whine of line, strain under force.

Violence and shake.


Senses heightened above and below.

The turning of the reel, spinning tighter

and tighter.

Breaking the surface, rage, fury and fear

of becoming the prey.

Like most violent engagements,

the fight over quickly.

Scales of deep green, lime and black.

Spines, fins of elegant design. Precious.


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