Creative: Sunny 16 Presents

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Hey, what could be better than starting the year with more me? Thanks to Billy Sanford and “Sunny 16 Presents,” we have just that. An interview about music and photography and more. I am no authority on music, nor do I have great range when it comes to the note, but I do love sound and will truly advance my recording in the coming year. Birds, ambient, shrieking of any kind and whatever else can muster. Have a listen to Billy and I as we discuss these and other topics.

* Your own decision to change majors and pursue a career in a creative field

* The role of being curious and having many interests in your creativity – how does it influence or inform your output

* Project work – tying together a larger collection of creative output

* Storytelling

* Collaboration

* Trends, tools, techniques – things change and evolve, some people roll with it and are inspired by new things, but for others they really seem to get bummed out about it. How do you balance leveraging your comfort zone against trying new things 

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