Creative: Sneak Peek ESSAY Issue #5

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I would normally never do this, but I’m so excited about this story I’m giddy. Now, in typical Milnor fashion I’ve devised a way to torture myself. I can’t really access this story again until the fall. DAMNIT.

This is a three-part essay. The title is a play on words. But that’s all I’m giving you now. Multi-format, multimedia. I’m back in the saddle.

PS: A public service announcement. These are TEST COPIES. They are nowhere near ready for public consumption. The edit is wrong, the design is wrong, the typeface is wrong, etc. But, by putting this in print I’ve given myself so many advantages to being able to clearly see what my issues are. Were I looking at this in digital form it would not be the same. Do yourself a favor, print samples. Good luck, have fun.

PSS: It’s been a while since I first created this post. I have since returned to the project, building not only the images but the idea, the copy and also the design. This is going to be interesting. The design is now in my head, and the customizations required, things that I will need to add to the book after the printing, have been found, purchased and are ready for the next round of testing. What you see here are nothing more than bad sketches. However, there are several spreads in these publications that will make the final publication in some form. Learning, always learning.

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  1. This is exciting. Can’t wait to see the end result. Print is fun for what little I’ve experimented with so far. It’s so different to hold your pictures in your own hands vs digital. Learning, always learning.

    1. Post

      The new version is SO much better but I’m still a long way away..

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