Creative: Shifter Vlog 0006

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This was all about speed. How fast can I shoot, download, edit, cut, upload and publish. Nothing new here, or that interesting, but I did this baby in NO TIME. I need to be able to do real-time postings. Imagine staffing an event, and creating content, then being on the hook for editing and publishing later that same day. This really isn’t the way to make great work, but it is the current way of the world. This is why people who do this all the time have tricks, or looks, that allow them to finish their films in short order by adding these tricks together. For you geeks, the action stuff is mostly GoPro Hero 6 while the indoor, rock shot is Fuji XT2. And I used the Feiyutech G6 Plus Gimbal, but I need to use it more. It’s pretty darn solid, and I want to get the Fuji out in the field.

I’ll make something good at some point. Standby. The one takeaway people, Lyme is bad shit.

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  1. Can’t wait for the day you make something good with this thing cause now it’s just borderline great. And as always, you’re right, I do need more exercise in my life. It was a good summer but still not enough.

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