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Puke on the streets. Purple fleece,
after a night of nights, finds himself
new to the uncertain. Winter coming.
Purple ribbon unraveling like the future
plans. A temporary dream put on hold
by down economic reality, cravings
or lost hope. Out come the hoses.
Up comes the mighty son, and as a collective,
we try it all again. Hope through rays. Promise.
I promise. What are you going to do about it?
Good question. Have no answer for you.
Downhill to Pike, turn right. Step carefully
my son. Daybreak.

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  1. Probably a good many of your “followers”on this blog read this post and placed calls of concern…..Me, I think you’re finally getting down to the root of things.

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      You would be correct sir. These posts, for me, are some of my most critical. Anytime I get the chance to do one I think “Why don’t I do this everyday?” Today, I realized why. I live in Orange County. The most shallow, vapid, hollow place you can possibly imagine. It does zero to inspire me. Yes, it’s warm. Yes, it never rains. But it has no soul that I can think of, even after living there for 15 years. I gotta move. Seattle/Victoria has been a nice change.

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  2. Daniel, Very few things Do I read on the internet, but yours is one. Precious few make me think, and think hard, but your last two entries did. Thank you for that.

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      Really nice of you to say, but even more important for me, nice to hear that these posts are relatable for others. I actually really love these style posts, but am never sure anyone else would enjoy them. Thanks for the note.

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  3. “I live in Orange County. The most shallow, vapid, hollow place you can possibly imagine.” This kinda reminds me of an idea I’ve long held. Familiarity breeds contempt or the “fresh eyes” idea. I wonder if I might find Orange County exotic….

    Dan what do you do to “refresh” your eye? Strategies? Idea generation?

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      Hey Jim,
      The OC isn’t the worst place, but it’s generic and sterile. Not all of is, but the area around where I live. You don’t move here for culture unless you surf. I’ve tried to do projects here for years, but every time I start one all I can think about is ending it and moving on. I read, make art, travel, write, etc. I just returned from an intensive 6-day trip where I was teaching workshops and doing lectures. Totally inspiring. Seattle and Victoria BC. For me, most of the time, I lack time not ideas or the eyes.

  4. “An American Prayer” rises from memory. I feel the same rhythm, see similar images as I did then, way back when.
    Did you meet him Seattle, or was that a flashback to Paris?

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