Creative: Question and Answer 54

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Remember, I’m one person with one opinion. Thanks to those who sent questions.

• What’s the next step for you? 4:20

• If you could work on any story, what would it be? . 13:14

• What hard drives do you take into the field? 17:47

• What suitcase did you buy? And why? 18:49

• Are you happy with the x100V? 22:15

• When do you know when to give up on a project? 23:57

• If black-and-white is such an important way to communicate, then why did master painters, from Michelangelo to Rembrandt to Cezanne work primarily in color?27:21

• What book are you working on now? 30:55

• Best Meryl Streep movie? 32:35

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  1. Loved my original X100 for many years… wish I still had it… slow as snails, but the sensor was “unique” and could punch quality way beyond it’s bearing and price. Maybe I’ll one day rise above my hobo income and get back into physical photography.

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  2. Wrong, Danno. Starting at three: Adaptation, Kramer vs Kramer, and the best, Sophie’s Choice. You can’t give an informed answer without seeing them all.

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  3. Strangely enough, she’s always been listed as one of those stars I simply don’t enjoy watching. It’s not a long list, but it also includes Bette Midler. I have no explanation beyond instant turn off. I can’t enjoy Leonardo DiCaprio, either. Actually, now that I’ve forced myself to give the matter some thought, there are practically no British actors or actresses I would choose to watch, and overall, I’m convinced that the ending of the Hollywood star system also brought about a dearth of true star quality. It’s been the dumbing down of glamour. There are simply too many empty, pretty faces (pretty empty?) that defy the reality which is that there isn’t truly a lot of room at the top of the pyramid. It could be partly due to the incessant deluge of “content” that now comes at us from not only the silver screen – used to like that, with caps, along with Photoplay – but through tv and tv film channels. The rarity value has been lost; one can’t help becoming desensitised.

    That said, I like Penelope Cruz in some things, and Peter Lindbergh almost always made her look magnificent. They worked well together. In a way, she reminds me of the young Gina Lollobrigida.

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  4. Meryl Streep’s best acting was in “The Iron Lady,” but “Deer Hunter” was a better movie.

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  5. cmon…. clearly none of you have seen August: Osage County. Kramer vs Kramer doesn’t count because she had maybe 5 minutes of screen time. That was Dustin Hoffman’s movie.

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