Creative: Question and Answer 53

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I’m one person with one opinion. Take it for what it’s worth. And thank you to those who sent questions. I’ve got many more I didn’t get to in this little flick but stay tuned. This YouTube world is a bizarre little world. I’m not entirely sure how much longer I’m going to do this, but I learn something every time I upload a film.

1. 5:14, Bang Bang Club vs The Year of Living Dangerously?

2. 8:14, Regarding last week’s question about the village in Brazil. The story is about how they maintain their own tradition without being assimilated.

3. 10:04, What is the best workflow for using a Leica with meter, and if I already have three other cameras, what should I do?

4. 16:47, Do Americans still suck at travel fashion?

5. 21:17, Are you still using your Zoom H6 for audio recording?

6. 25:45, What is the best Matt Damon movie?

7. 30:11, What are your EDC items?

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