Creative: Question and Answer 52

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Back-to-back Question and Answer films, if you didn’t know me better you would think I’m playing to that insatiable YouTube algorithm. But no, just limited time and questions coming like tracer fire.

1. 10:20, You shot 35mm for twenty years but switched to 50mm. Why?

2. 15:00, Is AI the beginning of the end of photography?

3. 1810, How do I prep files for Blurb?

4. 23:30, What constitutes a snapshot?

5. 25:45, Salvador or Under Fire?

6. 29:55, Which Instax do you use? And how do you adhere images to the journal? And what journal?

7. 30:59, Do you have any recommendations for photo labs and BBQ in Austin?

8. 32:06, What is your stance on photographing or not on your first day in a place you’ve never been? Do you “waste” a day soaking it in, or do you make images?

9. 33:47, I have access to a native village of 700 people. What techniques or strategies should I use instead of wandering for random images?

10. 37:15, What are the best Kevin Costner movies?

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  1. Thank you for touching on the Addario snapshot question from last time !
    I wasn’t rating snapshots vs other shots at all. Just curious about your definition.
    I think I get what you explain in this video. Intention, story, awareness of audience, maybe research done before, all that going into the image making process on the one side, vs “Oh, that looks great!” on the other side. The later one could potentially be a technically better photo, while the prior one has a deeper connection to the subject matter and or is part of a body of work presenting a story.
    While the mortar strike certainly came as a surprise to everyone being there, the intention of documenting the effects of this war on the population was already there before.

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  2. And for the next Q&A: addition to #5: „Under Fire“ vs „Salvador“… not quite as classic but I would like to throw in „Band Bang Club“ into that question. Have you seen „Bang Bang Club“ ? How would you stack it against „Under Fire“ and „Salvador“?

  3. Oh, and my all-time-favorite „The Year of Living Dangerously“. Love the book, love the movie (although quite different stories). I might be biased in this – I always had a particularly soft spot for SEA.

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