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Hey, it’s your old pal Uncle Dan. Back with another question and answer. I do think this is a good one. Lots of poignant crap to consume. Mostly photography related this time, which is both good and bad, but who am I to tell you what questions to ask?

1. 1:25: Why was David Butow reprimanded for reversing an image in the enlarger?

2. 8:38: What does an assistant do? What about copyright?

3. 13:08: Why do you use a Uni-Ball Jetstream?

4. 16:25: Tips on books from Alex and Rebecca Webb?

5. 21:24: Any tips for working on a project while having limits on your time?

6. 29:12: How do you get past a project?

7. 30:00 Film enlargement size?

8. 34:48: What do you think about toning black and white?

9. 37:15: Is not having intent a version of intent? And is it okay?

10: 40:47: Do we need fancy cameras?

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  1. As always, enjoyed your Q&A. You kinda put down the Q&A as a side piece but quite frankly I get a lot out of them. I always walk away with another book to find at the library, another photographer to check out, confirmation that my views on social medial and photography are also held by at least one other person who has been around the block. And now it appears we have similar opinions on toning. Small world.

    Just a remark on the whole fancy camera question. I also have an X-H2 and it is, as my wife is fond of saying, my latest last-camera-I-will-ever-need. I purchased the H2 for its improved IBIS, incredibly sharp viewfinder and larger RAW file size. These features make up for my age related camera shake, my slowly failing eyesight and the fact that I only shoot with a couple of primes (35 and 50 equivs) and sometimes need to crop… a lot.

    For me the H2, which some might say is a fancy camera, isn’t fancy at all. Instead I see it as a vehicle providing me with another couple of years of taking photographs that I might not have without the newer technology. So sometimes the camera does not need to be very special. It just has to be very helpful.

    Anyway, thanks again for another fine Q&A.

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      It’s really what is functional and what makes you want to go out and shoot. Some cameras have these concepts attached to them and others do not. And it varies from human to human.

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      I love burner phones, always have. The kind you can get from a vending machine in Europe are the best. And I love when a politician goes “What?” “Burner phone, never heard of it.” I actually want a burner phone now. No text, no internet, just a phone.

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