Creative: Question and Answer 41

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There is no plan. Or, the plan is to recognize there is no plan. This was a last minute record because a slot opened and this was what was in front of me. And yes, these are very simple to shoot and record. I’m one person with one opinion, so take these for what they are. Thank you to all who sent questions.

1. 1:00, How to find new story ideas and are fixers a necessity?

2. 6:19, Is photography superior to writing? Or vice versa?

3. 10:22, What happened to NFT’s?

4. 13:25, Why do you no longer know what you would do if you had total freedom?

5. 18:00, Techno crisis? How do you not lose your mind?

6. 23:55, How did you wife get started in photography?

7. 25:20, How do you choose between two images?

8. 28:40, How do I add audio to a Blurb book?

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  1. Love the movie Patterson. NFTs puzzle me, crypto puzzles me, just finished watching a documentary series on HBO, The Anarchists, where cryptocurrency was a major theme, much volatility and scamming, fortunes gained and lost very quickly, all in the name of faux freedom. Feels like an implosion coming. Frustrated wanna be poet thinning the herd of presentation options. Poem and single image, rinse and repeat, sometimes the image inspires the poem, sometimes it is the other way around. Yeah, one of those people.

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      We are the land of the scam now. At least it feels that way. The poem and single image is a unique and entirely entertaining way to work. Oh how I dream of doing mostly that.

  2. As to writing being the high art, If I could write and/or draw, I’d sell all my camera gear and never look back!

    Love the movie references by the way!

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  3. Moto-Danny, hope you show or talk about the 300 Rally as you explore all its virtues. Love all motorcycles, but hands-down, Honda’s require the least maintenance, even when you don’t maintain them.

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