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Hey, guess what? I did another question and answer film. I’m sure you are thrilled. Never done one of these before. So refreshing. But hey, you do what you can and this is what I can. At the moment.

1. 2:54, How is VanLife going and are you going to do a build film?

2. 6:20, Can you talk about audio recorders?

3. 10:47, Can you talk about the 50mm lens and how you finally “discovered” how to use it?

4. 20:51, What happens if my photographs don’t reflect the level of connection I have with the story?

5. 24:14, Can you talk about multi-exposures and how you figured out the technique?

6. 31:29, What elements make a great story and how best to tell it?

7. 33:25, Could you feel a difference in yourself between your first and second trip to Albania?

8. 36:38, Are you vegetarian?

9. 37:34, Favorite Blurb items, specifically?

10. 40:58, Do you know any contemporary photojournalists?

11. 43:30, I’m just getting started, what do I do? Wide Angle Photo Tours

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  1. The part about going of the internet with a notebook and thinking about life really hit home. Thanks for all the valuable information and advice in general. Greetings from Serbia!

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      Thanks Abelardo, any attention based pursuit is suspect. I think we have a decade to prove that. Maybe more. Most are risk averse so doing ANYTHING outside of what is widely accepted is rare.

  2. As always, enjoyed this. I appreciate the list of times/topics.

    I always forget the answer to this – on the Fujis, do the multiple exposures have to be shot in succession? For example, suppose you came up with a great idea for a multiple in 2 different locations, but you wanted to take more photos between Location 1 and Location 2.

    1. Scott – I don’t know about Fujis but my LUMIX S5 does multiple exposures too and you can go back through your photos and choose anything to start with for the first image. You then have to take the second exposure as normal.

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    3. Scott – I don’t know about the Fujis but with my LUMIX S5 you can choose any photo you’ve already taken as the initial exposure. You then take the second exposure as normal.

  3. Thanks, Sean! It seems like a very logical capability. I haven’t figured out how to do it on my Fujis, though. I’ve looked a little for an answer, but I’m only finding how to do the most basic back to back. Hoping Dan has an answer.

    1. Scott, I use the snapseed app on my ipad to create doubles and don’t worry about trying to do in camera. The feature has many options and you can adjust the transparency.

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      I’m sure there are many ways to do it. I had “in camera” drilled into my head for thirty years so I always work “in camera.” Plus, I have SO much screen time as it is, anything I can do to avoid more is good in my book. I do use Snapseed for my iphone stuff.

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      Scott, with the Fuji-at least in my experience-you have to commit. You can’t shoot a few frames then stop and shoot something else then go back to the original set.

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