Creative: Question and Answer 37

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Well, hello there. Back in the van for the daily upload. Sitting in my friend’s driveway as I still don’t have the internet at mi casa. Spring is here in the form of 50mph wind and raging fires although the smoke here isn’t so bad. Comes and goes with the shift in the wind and the luck of that underneath. Thank you to those who took the time to send questions. One man, one opinion.

1. 3:24 Do I sequence chronologically or thematically?

2. 5:22 How do you dress for a portfolio review?

3. 7:50 What are your GFX ambitions?

4. 12:54 Who are some sleeper photographers?

5. 17:44 Why are you down on street photography?

6. 26:53 Do you freeze your film?

7. 29:46 How do you feel about photographers not interfering in the field but directing their subjects?

8. 33:43: How do I get in with a company?

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  1. Dan, You could not be more right about communication! I feel as though no one gets back to you anymore. We had a problem with a yoga app we us and I emailed them three times to find out if the issue was our problem or theirs. It took them a week to get back to us and this is an app that we pay for! Good grief!

  2. Minutes to Midnight is hands down one of the best photo books ever made. I toured around the whole of Australia way back in 1995/96 backpacking and now every time I open Parke’s book it takes me back.

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