Creative: Question and Answer 33

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Let me provide yet another warning about the realities of Instagram….kidding. Or am I? I digress, again. For those of you wondering why I do so many question-and-answer films the truth is they fit my schedule and timeline. They are simple to produce and they are simple to edit and deliver. Without further ado.

1. 7:50, Do you feel pressure to post on YouTube?

2. 11:40, What are your current Fuji motion settings?

3. 13:16, Do you honestly recommend creating a website or blog with a view of showing work in the future?

4. 16:54, When making pictures, do you think about editing and sequencing or do you wait until later?

5. 18:59, What has changed or improved since your “How to do long term projects?” film.

6. 21:48, What is your advice about labeling your slides for achieve?

7. 24:47, What does your year look like photographically, and what is the best vs worst-case scenario?

8. 29:24, Do you have any resources that demystify photography and photojournalism? What do you think about education? What schools?

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  1. I have a question for your next video. How do you go about composing multiple exposures and what ‘ingredients’ do you need to make a good one?

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  2. Really liking your new site. Life’s complicated enough, clean easy websites are always well received.
    Here’s a question, or maybe it’s bigger than that: What do you do when you’re ‘done’ with photography as a job, but want to continue to be a photographer? In most cases, few photographers actually get much joy from taking pictures that pay money.
    We all want to be creatives, but weilding a camera for drachma ( I use the old Greek currency as a general meaning for money) doesn’t always cut it when we need our hit of creative adrenalin. Life after photography is something you often refer to as it’s relevant to yourself. I guess most viewers of your channel are aspiring photographers, not sure why I think that, just a hunch, but what of those of us who have quietly used the off-ramp of life and find that we are now wondering which road to take.
    Or, perhaps we could start fresh, pursue a totally different genre of photography from the one that has occupied us for decades. How easy is it to pilot a plane after a boat? You got out of photography at the right time, but you still have a foot in the editorial world. You are shooting birds now, I think. Did that start with an interest in birds or bird photography. I think I’ve asked about a half dozen questions here, apologies, I just wondered what photographers do when they stop shooting for money? it’s not as easy to answer that as it seems.

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  3. So the EDC thing baffles me. I’ve always tried to carry less in my pockets. Maybe I was scarred by my Dad’s giant wallet that stuck out of the back of his pants.

    Really like the new website design!

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      Paul, That wallet most likely gave him grief later in life. So many hip issues and hip replacements for men based on this very thing. My father did the same. It was like a brick in his backpocket.

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