Creative: PSPF Day Four

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Look, I’m a bigshot!

Fact. Our art book class was off the hook. The students brought great work, made prints, brought glue and scissors and dove into their blank books with abandon. By 2PM they left with working samples of what their books will become. If you get a chance to take a class with Michelle Dunn Marsh make sure you do it. There is talk of this class running again in different cities across the United States so stay tuned. Was also invited to another festival in October. More on this later. Damnit what a week. My blood is on fire. Get out there and make something!

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  1. The festival, from your posts, looks great, Daniel – not just gear orientated. The photos above show what seems to be an all-female class which, again, is good: photography (well, anything really) isn’t a male-only pursuit.
    I presume the tube-thing is air-con?

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      Yes, this event is about actual photography. Thank God. Not a trade show. And not only actual photography, but actual photography from the best photographers the world’s ever had, at least from their generation. I don’t know how many followers Peter Lindberg has, or how many he will ever have. What I do care about is the fact he is a legacy of work dating back over thirty-years, work that literally changed modern culture. And he is ONE of what has to be over a hundred faculty that are part of this event.

  2. Dan, teaching with you was a dream come true. Seriously.I only gave you time signals because we had so little time!! I’d love to do this over 3 days. Grateful for your collaboration and the great students who dove into our class with gusto. What a joy.

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