Creative: Photo-fit-ness, #002

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*the condition of being physically fit and healthy while maintaining a skillset required for professional photography.

*maintained by the practice of rapid, experimental compositions, layering, and the search for optimal light.

This is not about good photography. This is about practice and staying in photographic shape for when real opportunity presents itself.

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  1. Two things: your second shot of the neighbour is bloody beautiful – don’t knock yourself for missing another shot a short while later in the video; in the circumstances, trying to do two things at once was always going to be a mistake: you must have been married long enough to know that only a woman can successfully do the ‘two things at once’ number as guys are neither mentally nor emotionally equipped for that sort of thing. That’s why we need such a silly chain of command in every company, leading to over-staffing and eventual failure of the entire structure because the overheads inevitably grow larger than the incoming returns on investment.

    I have only gone out shooting with another snapper when it has been impossible to refuse without giving offence; lady luck has always shunned me when I do that. I must quote Jep Gambarella, in La Grande Bellezza, who said: “The most important thing I discovered a few days after turning sixty- five is that I can’t waste any more time doing things I don’t want to do.” They should have made that movie when I was a lot younger. It’s a lesson in life – for any age.

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