Creative: Palm Springs Photo Festival, Day Two

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The earthquake, 4.6, woke me up at 4:49. Entire hotel was swaying and the noise that comes with these babies will definitely get your attention. So, out of bed at 6AM and up the mountain behind the museum. Dust, rock and sweat. Heartbeat up and legs burning. Then down for coffee and yoga.

Ran into two of the guys from Fuji, one I’ve known since late 1990’s. We talk travel, workshops, photography the industry, etc. Last night was a faculty dinner followed by two hours of presentations, starting with the PSPF Slideshow winners, then Gary Knight from VII Agency and finally three-time Pulitzer winner Barbara Davidson.

The late afternoon also saw “The Business of Fine Art” symposium which was loaded with gallery and museum folks talking about the realistic nuts and bolts of being a fine art photographer. In an hour and a half you can simply have your mind blown about how these place, and these people, look at work, find work, fund work, etc. I’ve been around the business for a long time, and I learned a half a dozen things I didn’t know. Like LACMA in LA operating on a five to six year timeframe, so what I’m saying is they are planning shows that will land FIVE YEARS from now.

I would list the PSPF highlights of the day but there are simply too many.

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