Creative: Old Promo Piece

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I’m a huge fan of print media. I know, you’re shocked. And when I say “print media,” I don’t just mean magazines, portfolios, books, etc. I mean marketing collateral as well. The image you are viewing here goes back to the early 2000’s when I decided to leave Kodak Professional and head back into the murky waters of professional photography.

Ya could have used a bit of alternative advice at that point. In hindsight, I should have never gone back, but I somehow ground it out until a fateful Tuesday afternoon in 2010 when I blew a head gasket and sprayed intestinal fluid all over my office. Like a blown rod on a 1983 Ramcharger. It was messy.

I’m purging my life of all unwanted items. So, over the past few days, I’ve destroyed a lot of things many people would be shocked to see me destroy, but I try not to think about items as objects. They are just items. If I haven’t seen it, used it, touched it, smoked it or defended myself with it then why do I need it? (nunchaku will stay)

This image was the first page of a portfolio book I used at the time. I was a difficult photographer to define, which is NOT a good thing when it comes to getting work but is a wonderful thing when it comes to living a life. As you can see, I’m trying to cover a lot of bases. There are three actual wedding business print pieces, a web feature on Zone Zero, a selfie, a random plane wing image which by the way NOBODY did back then because it required an actual camera and a piece of film, two journal spreads, and a few other random things. Whatever. It was brilliant. As you can see.

If you are a working photographer, even if you don’t need to, you should have at least two print pieces in the pipeline. There is nothing more indicative of a short career path than a contact page with nothing but an Instagram handle.

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