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What could be better than dissecting one of my images? Dissecting one of YOURS. In this case, Flemming Bo Jensen is on the chopping block. But not really as there isn’t much about this image I don’t like. Flemming is a Fuji sponsored music photographer, traveler and all around Danish creature. (He slept through Machu Picchu once.)

So, have a look, have a listen and kick back for the latest episode of Notes on Photography. Many thanks to Flemming for participating. He actually sent two images, but when I recorded both it was just a bit too long. So, one for now, two for later. Get out there and shoot people.

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  1. Thank you for featuring and being very kind to my image! I think I sent you 5 images actually, so you can do a whole series, go on, get on it!

    You picked up some of the key elements I always try and do, layering with a wide angle, deep dark shadows for drama (instead of a flat image with shadow details) and diagonals (even tilting the camera like here, if there are no diagonals).

    A little more background info: This image was made a the recent Strøm festival in Copenhagen, that I am part of running and head of photography for. So I had full access to the stage and to shoot the entire concert. But even with this access you are relying on pure practice and instinct to make anything worthwhile. The singer in the front of this picture walked forward, away from her audio gear at the desk, just once during the entire show and put her foot up like you see here. Only once did she do it, and for about 2 minutes only. Since I roam the entire crowd of 500 people during the show, it was pure instincts and luck and knowledge of the band and their songs that meant I had a feeling I should be making my way close to the stage during this peak song in their 45 minute show.

    This image only happened because I anticipated it, and then got a bit lucky too of course (gotta be there to be lucky), and then it was just a matter of working the scene, move around, tilt the camera, get really close for layering and oh get some of those tasty lasers in too!

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