Creative: Notes on Photography with Jim Martin

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Who doesn’t love cycling? Jim Martin was kind enough to send me a file to dissect. Thanks Jim. A solid shot but one that also holds a picture within a picture. One of my favorite things. We are looking at an image that is really about form more than anything else, but take a seat, fire up the grill and lets barbeque this baby.

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  1. Thanks Dan! I appreciate you looking at this photo and giving your feedback. I hadn’t considered trying the tight crop on the left center like you noted, but I can see the potential of isolating those elements. I’ve always been drawn to photos with movement, and always just liked looking at this one. Editing your own photos can definitely be a challenge, and I think having an informed second opinion can help anyone improve their photographs. I actually rarely shoot color, as I’m normally a B/W darkroom dweller. Putting together my first book this Fall, thanks to all the helpful info and inspiration on your site.

    I’m down the road in San Diego, and have family in Costa Mesa and Newport Beach, but don’t think we’ve ever met. I rarely do hundred-mile rides these days (San Clemente’s the furthest for me) so I doubt we’ve met on the road. I really enjoy your site and the book recommendations, and good luck on your upcoming ride in Kansas!


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