Creative: Notes on Photography, Episode 5

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Seeing as I just ran this image as part of another post I thought, “Why not use that for Notes on Photography.” So here it is. Frankly, I love this picture. Not much I would change, but let’s break it down.

A little backstory. This was made in Galisteo, New Mexico while I was teaching a workshop for SFPW. I was not living in New Mexico at the time, but that would soon change, in great part due to this image. At the time I made this image, and the three or four others that comprise my take from this day, I had a strange “something” happen to me. I shot the frame then suddenly I was alone in my mind with entire childhood condensed into a movie trailer which was suddenly playing at high speed, small details being plucked out by something, or someone. “What the Hell is going on?” I wondered. Barb wire, sage, dust, machinery, all details being waved in front of me by this magical force.

I wasn’t entirely sure what was happening but the only message I could come away with was “I think I’m supposed to live here.” So I(we) moved. And am still in New Mexico, part time. Strange how these things come about.

What I like…

1. Look at that grain. Do I need to say anything more?
2. I like the natural framing of the wires. The wires drive your eye to the subject.
3. I love the well driller’s body position. I could not have posed him better had I tried.
4. A clean sky. Just enough whispy clouds to do that sky justice.
5. Depth and scale. The wires add ONE more small layer of depth which accentuates how high up he really is.

What I don’t like….

1. I had to crop one tiny portion of the bottom of the image, something I don’t like doing, because there was a tiny piece of foliage that bugged me. This is the price you pay for using a rangefinder where you aren’t seeing the exact frame, but that is something I can live with. I was taught to shoot full frame in the field, so cropping is a sign I wasn’t good enough.
2. MAYBE slightly more detail in that face, and back in the school/education prime of my life you can bet your ass my photography professor would have said “get the bleach” and I would have been using a paintbrush to bring out detail in that face. Now, just a slider. No big deal either way.

There isn’t much about this image I don’t like. I think this would look good printed massive as well. There is still time to worship me. Don’t be shy.

More of this film about to be exposed.

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