Creative: Nick Tauro, New Mexico and New York

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I love seeing a first book. A first trial and error. A first experiment. Today’s kudos go out to photographer Nick Tauro in the ABQ. Nick comes to us today with a Magcloud 8×8 publication. You could call it a Zine or a book. I don’t care. Either title works. As you know, New Mexico is a place close to my heart, so I jumped on this when I noticed Nick putting this online.

I would describe this publication as deceivingly simple. I say simple only because this is a publication about photography. Pairings. Black and white. Front to back. BUT, and there is one big but, which is why I talk about deception. You see very early on there was thought involved in the edit and sequence. This is it people. This is what bookmaking is about. Nick is trying to tell me something and it’s my job to pay attention and figure it out.

This is what photography is really about once you get past the semantics. It’s not JUST the image, certainly not HOW the image was done. It’s the story. The crafting of the message and the delivery. I could look at something like this over and over then stare at the sky for a while.(Weed is legal now.)

Nice job Nick. See you in the ABQ.

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