Creative: New York State of Mind

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“I shoot pictures like that too,” my friend said as he watched me stop and make this image. These little puzzles are mind games, but I think they play a key part in knowing who you are as a photographer. Is this a great image? No, not by a long shot, but it serves a purpose. Call it a relief valve, call it working out. Call it practice. Light reflecting off broken mirror. Light reflecting. Noticing the light. Noticing the contrast. The white-rimmed shoes anchoring the darkness. Make picture, move on. Just filler here on the site, but that’s okay. Gotta make the doughnuts.

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  1. True. We souldn’t change our style because it doesn’t fit in the rest of the world. Same as we shouldn’t just start shooting our shoes only because Mr. Milnor takes pictures of his shoes. We need to add our own personality into what we do. Oh and nice shoes, they look like mine.

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      Truth be told, my shoes LOOK great but they suck as actual shoes. Cheap Nikes. In fact, I made a decision. This was the last time I wear shoes based on how they look. I need shoes that are good for my feet. No more leather soled boots, no more stylish things that make my hips hurt. Lyme killed my joints so I gotta defend.

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