Creative: just make pictures, a Zine by Michael Jarecki

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Is this a cool Zine? Yes. Am I impressed that Michael Jarecki does this Zine and has been doing this Zine for quite some time? Yes. Do I like the materials? Yes. Do I like the presentation? Yes. But that’s not the primary point here.

The truth is that Jarecki is a damn good photographer. You can’t see this Zine and not understand that. From time to time someone will describe me as a street photographer. I am quick to say “Whoa, hold it right there buckaroo, I ain’t no street snapper.” The reality is I suck at street photography. Always have and probably always will.

Street photography, good street photography, isn’t easy. It takes copies time, copious footsteps and hyper anticipation. You have to read the tea leaves of society to get good at this and this boy can read. Just take a look at these spreads.

This Zine is a testament, a gauntlet thrown down to the rest of us. What are we waiting for? Simple, affordable and PRINTED. Thanks, Michael, great job.

A cat? He actually managed to snag a cat! You know how difficult this is?

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  1. Milnor! Thanks so much for all the kind words…glad it made it to you. In the end I love having something physical to put out there. I appreciate the write up….and yes defiantly many, many, many hours wandering around waiting..

    1. Post

      Very welcome! I love receiving your Zine. Always makes me want to get out and shoot.

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