Creative: For What It’s Worth Episode 005

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Back again with the best podcast you never asked for. This week; the NFL experience, the Internet as distraction, tips for getting your creative project started as well as how to study photography if your goal is to improve. You see how helpful I can be? You can thank me now or thank me later. I just had caffeine.

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  1. I am a little behind in listening to your “For What It’s Worth” podcasts, but I find it worthwhile and interesting. Even if I do not share your views, I like the honesty and clarity of your thinking. Keep it up.

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      Don’t share my views? Impossible. I thought I was always right. Apparently, I did not get the memo. Glad you are finding something good.

  2. What I heard the loudest: you’re getting rid of books.


    Why am I nowhere near by?!

    I find myself thinking in periods, that I want to get off the internet. But I learn almost everything on the internet (eBooks from the library = best thing EVER), I make a more intriguing living because of the internet than I ever would without it, and heck, pretty much all of the truly interesting opportunities I’ve had for half my life came about because of the internet.

    (And the online phenomenon that is Shifter.Media makes my life immeasurable better)

    Right… will now attempt to stop being distracted by the goddamn internet and go do something useful!

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      Books are evil? I guess there are two ways of looking at this. The life you have due to the Internet and the life you would have if you didn’t have the Internet. Which is better? Almost impossible to say. Because you don’t know. Neither do I. I think what I’m looking for in life isn’t on the Internet, nor do I wish to spend my life in front of a screen. But I know plenty of others who love this very thing, so again, there isn’t a right and wrong, only desire. Shifter just won “Best Internet Ever in History of Human Kind and Space” aware. For the seventh consecutive year even though the site is only five years old.

    2. “Books are evil?” !!! I just wanted to be there to catch whatever you were throwing out.

      By interesting, I didn’t mean better, no. And when I say “the internet” I’m not talking about social media , but the internet/cloud/global digital landscape/whatever we’re calling it these days in its varied manifestations. Life’s definitely more interesting with online access to other people’s ideas and resources and whatnot. It allows me to live a better life offline. That’s a powerful thing.

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      I find the Internet a double-edged sword. Yes, it’s great for access to other ideas, as long as those ideas don’t become the driving force in your life, or distractions, or paralyzing factors, all of which are things I see happening all around me. For example, you want to go hiking. Great. Best way to do this? Just go. Find a trail, hike. Our species has been doing this since the beginning. Now, enter Internet. Can’t just go hiking. Have to have right clothes, GPS, 3D maps of trailhead on mobile device. Have to document every single step, and every single piece of equipment you plan to use because who knows, maybe this can be monetized. Suddenly, your ratio of hike to Internet time is 90/10 and shrinking fast. This methodology is the norm for many folks. I see them and talk to them all the time. Me, I’m still a fan of learning about other ideas and other resources via books because of what it takes to do a book. But, I’m an oddball.

    4. I reckon, like yak shearing fans and practitioners, there are actually less people engaged in showing off on social than we think there are. And besides, we all love a good hands on gear review – tell me about that latest climate controlled hiking gear already (those exist right?). When I win lotto I’m totally off to be an outdoor Jetson!

  3. Damn Internet, got on it and then 10 minutes later I found myself listening to some guy rambling about hunting yaks with spears. I agree with him on the diluted social media feeds (I have no need to see 1000 images edited, lit, composed all the same … it really kills creative literacy) and I also agree on the value of photography books, I flip through one almost daily, that’s where the gold is.

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      Books can be the best or the worst, depending on your backbone. I’ve been crushed looking at books because certain books illustrate the level some of capable of, which in turn reminds me of my ceiling. Other times they are inspiring.

    2. Good point. That goes for any book or just about anything really. Do your research and pick what works for you.

  4. My wife & I are also at the early stage of downsizing and books are a concern. I can let go of the literature, novels, etc, but the photography books…not if I can help it. I’ll parse out the marginal ones,but not the gems that I find inspiring.
    As to social media…yep, I think it degrades our progress as a species.
    Regarding subjects for future podcasts:
    Spears – short or long? Which is best for Yak Hunting
    How to extract Yak butter after the kill?
    Which fur is better to wear when hunting Yaks – Yetti or Brown Bear?
    The proper boot for winter Yak tracking?

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  5. On the subject of books…I enjoy looking at the Read section of this site and hearing what you have to say about a particular book to see if it catches my interest as well.

    I’ve always wondered though…how do you find out about these books in the first place? Are they recommended to you by friends? Or do you see them in the library, pick it up and think it looks interesting?

    The Read section is mostly fiction/non-fiction. I used to like seeing your Books I Love recommendations on the old Smogranch site ( Have you come across any good photography books recently you would recommend (I realise it’s all personal choice)?

    Have a great weekend!

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      Hmm, good questions. I find them through reading, which sounds odd but it’s true. Read one book, that book mentions two more books and suddenly you are on your way. Or, through things like Goodreads. Or through people like you Paul!

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