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We all know Flemming. He’s got Viking blood. He presses the button for a living. He makes the occasional book. See how easy this secretly transitioned into a Blurb-related post. I’m so clever.

Blurb layflat test book from Flemming Bo Jensen on Vimeo.

Flemming recently did something intelligent. Not an uncommon motion for this lad. He had an idea for a project, a story and a book, but to get the go-ahead he had to do something on his own. He needed to make a sample.

Apparently, there is a band in Denmark. People come to see this band. Flemming photographs this band and has for quite some time. “The Minds of 99.”

Flemming loves to shoot 16:9 or 2:1 and likes to put critical subject matter in the center of the frame. For the standard format books this is an issue, one that isn’t image killing but something that needs to be addressed. But with Layflat…you can do all of these things without concern for “gutter loss.”

Flemming did a little writeup in regard to his experience which is something I think you will enjoy. I want to bring your attention to several points. First, Flemming has a long-term relationship with the band which has allowed him to create a body of work. He did not photograph one concert and try to make a book. Second, he made a test book. This is critical. Was he paid to make the test book? I’m guessing no, but who cares? In this age, you sometimes have to offer proof of life before getting a green light. And lastly, the proof paid off. Print cuts through digital noise like a hot knife through butter. Still, today.

Regardless of your project or story, having a print version adds nothing but positive power to your elevator pitch, your submission or your access goals. Print is evidence of conceptualization, evidence of talent and evidence of being able to edit, sequence and encapsulate an idea. Get on it people.

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  1. Thanks for this amigo. I paid for this test book myself and it is just for me. The power of this book is so strong though that I have had plenty offers from fans who want to buy it having only seen it on my blog or instagram stories and not even in physical form. That is thought provoking. A book, a lay flat photo book, that people really want to own having only seen it on a phone probably. Quite cool.

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      It will be interesting to see if they follow through if you are able to see the project through. Always pitfalls in modern things, but my fingers are crossed. If you had to guess, what percentage of the book will be about me and how awesome I am? Be honest.

  2. The book is going ahead, although it will be wildly different to this test book, it will feature a lot of writing too and other photographers as it absolutely needs to be the entire history of the band. This test book proofed a point though, that the band needs and wants a photo book and as such it short circuited emails and chit chat etc. And also it works for me, I can look at it and go, hmmm, got a decent selection of pictures of this band now, I can also make my own book at some point down the road.

    Oh, yeah, they might be surprised when pictures of you from Una Pura Verdad shows up in the book. Surprise, then awe.

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      The band loves me, I’m almost sure. Your book is proof of life, for you, for them. Also known as proof of concept. Sometimes that is what it takes, especially these days when people are reluctant to make decisions for fear of their job. I can send selfies for the cover image.

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