Creative: First Footsteps Journal Entry

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“Just watch,” he said. “Just sit over there and watch.” “This is Santa Fe.” Clouds rolling over spoiling plans but a few ticks later all is well. This is a test, this is only a test, of the emergency broadcast system. Transient still. Nomadic tech worker seeks longer term rental or extended duty house sitting adventure. Willing to travel.

Map-Study 101. Check the time. How many days left. Does Mission Control even know I’m here? What soundtrack most fits the mood? A week of pain and procedure. Not surgery, procedure. The difference matters.

Old dog, new tricks. Antibiotic posse seeks and destroys, the good with the bad. A perpetual human salvage operation. “He’s in recovery,” but it is really? Dust, pollen and interplanetary wanders. Music from the plaza, each night, floating in over the intermittent gusts of a tempest spring.

Eyes on the horizon, always. Pico talks about still but I feel Hell and gone.

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