Creative: ESSAY, Issue Three Sneak Peek

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Okay, I’m finding my stride. This feels really good now. Ideas, thoughts, test books, prints, experimentations, transgressions, etc. Issue Three, sneak peek. “Notes from California,” which will be an ongoing theme here at Shifter/ESSAY. Single shots, single servings. Journal notes. Black and white. Ze Leica.

Forty-pages goes REALLY fast, which sounds insane because NOBODY gets forty-pages in a magazine these days. So why it goes so fast now is one of those wonderful mysteries. Or my ego is way out of control. Me? Who me? Never.

Doing this project has rekindled my desire to do stories. Or even cover something that might be considered news. I’m mean as long as fake news is so popular I might as well get in on it. “UFO lands in Costa Mesa, Hostages Taken.” Just practicing.

Actually, I don’t see myself ever doing stories again but it was an entertaining thought for all of about three minutes.

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  1. Hi Dan, any date set for Issue #3 publication and purchase on Blurb?
    I’ve got Issue 1 and 2 in the basket, waiting for pushing the knobs until I can get #3 in the postal package and get it over the sea.


    1. Post

      Soon. Had forgotten about it. Many changes happening here, so my schedule is wilder than it was before. Coming soon!

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