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“Dispatches” is an in-depth look at those living artistic lives. Each episode will feature photographs and audio interviews with narrative pioneers who have taken creativity and publishing into their own hands. From artists to authors, photographers to philosophers, Dispatches will reveal the faces and foundations of those who lead the creative way.

MONIQUE STAUDER is a visual artist with a photojournalistic resume that spans the globe. Initiated by her academic desire to humanize political science in 1993, her dedication to investigative reporting and documenting the complexities of ethnic nationalism took her from the camps of Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka to East Timor, through the Balkans and Nubian Mountains in Sudan on behalf of international humanitarian Non-Governmental Organizations and international editorial publications.

Her photojournalistic work has appeared in TIME, Newsweek, Christian Science Monitor, New York Times, National Geographic, GEO, and Mother Jones. Her solo epic journey around the equator (2000-03) and subsequent award-winning double flip book LATITUDE ZERO (forewards by acclaimed American novelist, Paul Theroux) chronicles the interconnectivity of humanity and nature around the earth’s edge while hallmarking her raw and poetic style.

Since the publication of her equatorial odyssey in 2010 she has shifted from photojournalism to continuing to define her poetic photographic eye at large while adding other visual arts to her repertoire; metal sculpture and mixed media creations. While being a passionate autodidact visual artist, she holds a double Masters Degree in International Relations and History from the Institut Universitaire de Hautes Etudes Internationales in Geneva, Switzerland (associated with Fletcher School at TUFTS University, Boston) and was a 1990 graduate in History from the University of Colorado.

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  1. Dan. You’ve placed yourself in the role of an engaging interviewer. This was one of the best long-form interviews I’ve heard. Not only from you, but just in general. My attention span isn’t normally 1hr++, especially without ‘visuals’. But these were such thrilling stories, about Sri Lanka and the rebels. Lying about being a Phd student. Connecting with female tamil tigers. A black listed persona non-grada. The execution of a Swiss woman. That was an awesome sales pitch for her own book that came a decade too late. It was thrilling to listen to. The way you’ve engaged in her stories without putting your own story in front was nice, and a real addition to the chemistry that was audible between you two.
    The visuals were great during my commute to work (by car), because I could peak every once in a while to see yet another great photograph. That combination sold the book to me. I immediately went online to check if it was locally available and low and behold, there was one sealed copy at an antiques dealer which is on it’s way to me.

    That’s a very long line to say: thanks for sharing. You are one of the very few really influencial people for the way I look at photograpy. I’ve only ‘discovered’ you the last couple of months but I’m soaking it all in like a sponge.

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      Thanks Geert, much appreciated. She’s a legit visual artist who has led an amazing life. And just does her thing without spending 80% of her time marketing her exploits. Just makes work.

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