Creative: Dear Future President

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NO PARTY, JUST POLICY (Can you imagine?) Before you go hating, just know I do NOT identify with any American political party. For those who think you can slot me into the right or left you are wrong, pure and simple. Looking at American politics now I feel little more than shame. Listening to members of our congress is also a painful experience as math, science, truth, and fact are now being cast aside in favor of partisan hate. So, with this in mind, I bring you, my future president. If we can just find someone with the qualities I mention we should be fine. No big deal right? Well, at the moment I see no takers.

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  1. I liked this better than I thought I would, almost didn’t watch it. What you say is a fantasy, however, as long as the process for choosing candidates remains as it is. Candidates come from the insider culture of the parties, Trump being the outlier. Right now that culture exits on getting into power, and then once there, staying in power, nothing else matters. Roe is a good example. Roe and abortion rights have been used by democrats at every election since the decision as a campaign issue, elect us and we will make sure to protect those rights. Republicans have used it equally well, elect us and we will get it reversed. Obama promised to codify Roe vs. Wade in the primaries leading up to 2008, had majorities in both houses until 2010, but it didn’t happen. The dems didn’t want to lose that future campaign issue, keep the base in line. And many republicans got mad when the reversal was leaked, just before a bunch of primaries, fearing it would hurt some of those candidates, even though they had gotten what they said they wanted. A well rounded human being as you described, can’t run that gauntlet. I am registered in NC as “Unaffiliated”. Right now I mostly unaffiliated with the whole system.

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      TOTAL fantasy. I have ZERO faith this will happen in my lifetime. I actually think our system couldn’t function with anyone like who I describe. But a guy can dream. Maybe.

  2. Well said Dan!

    The other day I was thinking that when I see members of Congress I see no one who has anything in common with a regular guy like me. Most average people, and I’m incredibly average, are not extreme one way or the other. There is no middle ground anymore.

    On a side note I once heard a great quote about cargo shorts: They can carry everything but a conversation with a woman!

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      I’m still that quote. And yes, I feel nothing in common with my representatives. I’ve reached out many times to my New Mexico reps and have not had a single reply.

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