Creative: Conversation Series, Greg Girard

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Welcome back to the Shifter Conversation Series with your host Dan Milnor. After many years of hearing his name and seeing his work, I was fortunate to finally sit down with photographer Greg Girard. Greg hails from Canada but spent much of his life and career in Asia. With stops in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, during some of the most poignant moments in their histories, Greg has unusual insight into Asia culture and transcendent moments.

Girard is also a prolific bookmaker with numerous titles to his name. A dedicated film shooter and man who comes to the table with both abundant curiosity and tenacity for experiencing what the world has to offer. Please join us as we talk about his early life in Canada, his eighteen-day passage to Asia aboard a freighter, his life in various Asian cities and the break that allowed him to move from a life at the BBC to life as a working photographer. From passionate tourist to China Bureau Chief, Greg has lived a photographic life that invokes both envy and respect.

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