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I love sound recording. On a scale of one to ten, I would put my sound recording skill at a “2.” I give myself a “2” only because I have an actual audio recorder and a set of mics, but that’s the extent of my knowledge. But when I combine ambient sound with still images my heart does begin to flutter. It always has, actually. I’ve always felt that the combination of still images and ambient sound is one of the most powerful delivery mechanisms for visual imagery, even more so than motion content.

The sound alone tends to make us focus, slow down and literally FEEL those images.

So, how happy was I to find “Free to Use Sounds” channel on YouTube. This channel is the result of Libby and Marcel, a couple who travel the world recording sound. As with most YouTube channels, there are quite a lot of review films but there are also enough ambient films to keep someone like me interested. And frankly, their reviews ARE handy. Cameras I know well enough to not really need reviews, but audio equipment is another matter.

You might be wondering if I use their sounds. So far, no. I haven’t downloaded anything but that is not because I don’t find their product useful. I do, but once again, it’s all about time. Most of what I’m making isn’t for me, so my needs are limited. However, if I ever get time to make more for me I will be devouring more of their site and product.

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  1. Libby & Marcel are awesome. I used to shoot with Libby when they lived in Denver. Marcel is an incredibly smart guy and so excited by what he does. Libby is also excellent at having a Leica Q in her hands. Both of them are great humans.

    Also, if you want to go down in the weeds a bit, take a peek at the One Mic Recording channel…

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      Sean, that makes me feel even better about posting that post. Hearing someone is good, and intelligent, is so, so, so refreshing. Me? In the weeds? Never. They also seem like they have their travel down. This last trip to Albania I felt like I had never left my house. I packed so many things I never used. Not tech, just clothes and the like. I was like “Geez, such a rookie.” I had two students with their GoRuck packs for months on the road. I felt like Jed Clampett.

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