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(Sydney based super creative Jess Scully.)

I’ve never written much about my visits to Blurb. Not sure why because there is always a lot going on. Cool, talented people doing cool and talented things. Yesterday I was asked to volunteer my arms for something, so I did, and during the few down moments I was snooping around. Stumbled into a few things I’d forgotten about. There are photographs on the wall at Blurb, some of which are mine. I printed several of my “Dispatch” portraits, 20×20, on a Canon inkjet printer(unreal printers by the way) and Blurb had them framed up and added to the walls. I also stumbled into an OLD book, one of the first books I ever made with the service. As you can see, a journal book about a trip to Paris to work on my “Dog’s Can’t Read” series, which I THINK was in 2006/2007. Can’t remember exactly. One of those tiny, out-of-focus images is Man Ray’s grave. The other, a stranger in the garden. Pretty basic bookmaking here, but I think I actually sold a few of these. Again, can’t remember. All just painful reminders of my genius.

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  1. I love the front cover. Small photographs in books, large photographs on walls, all is good.

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