Creative: Between the Lines, Frank Jackson

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You probably know Frank Jackson as a photographer. I do. But he’s got illustration skills too. Hence, “Between the Lines.” I love this book. I actually think Frank could make as much of this as he wants. These illustrations are funny, poignant and so damn easy to consume. And, he can make them anywhere at any time with no outside needs, something I think will become more and more important to creatives moving forward.

This is a simple publication. Blurb, Trade, 6×9, softcover. This is a favorite format and trim size and one that makes financial and logistical sense. And oh, by the way, was he to even fancy international sales, well, this format works for that too. This is a smart, fun use of the Blurb platform in my opinion, and books like these can actually turn out to be very strategic in certain cases. (They have for me.)

Keep it up Jackson. We are counting on you.

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