Creative: Audio Q&A, Capturing and Preserving

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Hello my children. Checking in with another Audio Q&A. This time we talk about capturing and preserving. What’s the best thing about this post? Well clearly it’s that you get to listen to my silky smooth voice. Think Barry White. Yep, that’s me. Or maybe Oakridge Boys. You get the point.

Capturing and preserving. Yep, this is a topic that can get you gagged and blindfolded,tied to a chair, hoping for the Punisher to come and save you, but Uncle Danno is here to make everything okay.

Have a listen.

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  1. Just how big is your technology annihilating field!??! My laptop blew up 4 hours after listening to this! And I blame you… and partially my daughter for dropping a glass of water into it but it’s probably not that, just you! Good news is I didn’t lose any pictures, well maybe a few phone pictures but those are not that important.

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      It’s large enough to scare friends, family and colleagues. And it’s real. Water and computers are fine.

    2. Dan, well I must be right at the boarder of it because my laptop didn’t completely break, just the keyboard died. So your field has an approximate 3000 miles radius. North America is in trouble!

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