Creative: Art, Oppression, & Activism

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Just a quick post here about a few people and places you should know about. Was able to attend a lecture at Santa Fe College of Art and Design. The lecture was about Art, Oppression, & Activism and was put on by the folks at CENTER. This was a lecture and panel discussion moderated by Tony O’Brien whom you might remember from an earlier Dispatch post. All of the people involved in this event are people, and places, you should know about. In addition to those I’ve already linked you should also know about Mother Jones photo editor Mark Murrmann, photographer Dorie Hagler , Photo-Eye, Axle Contemporary, 516 Arts, ASMP New Mexico and PhotoSummer here in New Mexico. One of the things I love about Santa Fe is that there are things like this happening ALL THE TIME, and they are so easy and affordable to attend. On this particular day I did two Dispatch interviews, met a half dozen creatives I had never met, attended this lecture then went to a dinner party where I met an addition half dozen interesting and creative folks.

I have no great insight into all things covered at this event, only wanted to share a small taste. Follow the links and see what these talented people are up to. Now, get out there and make shit happen.

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