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I’ve known Jimmy Fikes for a long while now. Buds from back in the LA day. Jimmy is an accomplished photographer and is also one of the most accomplished digital techs I know. Jimmy, you will like that I’m creating this post on a ten-year-old trash can Mac. You’re welcome. I think you had one too. Jimmy is also a skilled traveler who always comes to the travel table with an idea or theme. He and I were cut from the same cloth.

These Zines are about simply treatment to let the images speak. These locations, places like Iceland and South Africa don’t need much copy to convey. Big, bold color and big bold images, many of which created with an iPhone but those rare few that end in print and become so much more than a thumb swipe.

His packaging is great, the presentation is great and the overall impact is as desired. I keep these on the desk next to my main desk and just looking at them makes me want to move, somewhere, anywhere. To take my journal and paints and pens and cameras and search for the residue of others. (P. Beard)

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      Not entirely sure but just track him down via his website. He’s a really cool guy. Very chill.

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