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Hey team. YouTube darling here. Trending. I’m better than everyone else. Wink, wink. So, seeing as so many folks are quarantined, and considering I was tasked with new work from work, I decided I needed to find a way to go live. Lucky for me, I knew Marc and Marc knew how.

So, we’ve done this twice so far and am about to do a third this morning so I thought I would share this past episode because I think it offers some good data. Remember, I paid good money to go to photography school, and I spent four years of my life in training, not to mention the years of training in the industry. Assisting, doing assignments, learning on my own. I realized this data, much of which to me seems like common sense, to others might be a bit surprising or just valuable in some way.

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  1. Mr. Milnor I can’t say it enough.
    THANK YOU!!!
    Those live episodes you do with Mr. Silber are like professional courses. I have just finished the last one (Tips for making a successful photography project) and I have to say that you managed in just 45 minutes to give me work for at least a year. And when I say work I don’t mean go out and photograph, I mean stay in and get better. Research, read, write down, organise and get better, or in your words “Be more”. What I started doing since the quarantine started is searching for photographers, looking at their lives, photographs, projects and everything I could find. I figured that since I can’t go outside and photograph as I would like I could expand my knowledge and learn from people who live or lived from photography. The problem was that all I could find were influencers. So I started looking at brands ambassadors and though I did find some great photographers, the content I was looking was almost always mixed with brand marketing. And here comes Mr. Milnor. In just 45 minutes you gave me so much to search and learn. Thank you for that. Also I would like to thank you about your podcast. I think it was the second from last episode where I heard about LIFE magazine. Now for you LIFE magazine maybe is something well known but for me was something unknown till you mentioned it. I consider myself at the very very beginning of photography and I will continue to consider myself at this stage for years to come since this is the best stage to learn, the beginner’s mind. I write down everything I hear and then I do a research myself, that’s how I learn things in my life so believe me when I say that when you speak there are a lot of thing to write down.
    Thanks again Mr. Milnor, I can’t wait for your next video!

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      Hey Georgios,
      You are very welcome and if you are just discovering Life then you have an entire world of incredible photography essays in front of you. It was so far beyond anything we have now. Take your time. It’s endless!

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