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I’ve been doing one YouTube Live per week. So far they have been entertaining and educational with folks turning in from all corners of the globe. That is perhaps what interests me the most about YouTube. Over sixty-percent of viewers are from outside the United States. The “United States,” geez. We are seeing the reality of this not-so-accurate title about now. Hardcore southern states, Republican, refusing to lockdown. Good grief, but I digress.

I’m about to do a podcast interview about analog photography, something I haven’t done in quite some time. I still have a sizable film stockpile and still have my two favorite cameras of all time but rarely do I put film through camera even though my film work is BY FAR the best work I’ve done.

I knew when I hung up my film spurs in 2010 my work would suffer, and it has, but I wear a lot of other hats now so the tradeoff was something I was prepared for. Combine this with the diminishing impact of photography and it just made sense.

On this particular cast we talk storytelling ideas but my suggestions are not about how to make images. My suggestions are in regard to the rest of what swirls around you when you begin to undertake a project. There is so, so much more.

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  1. Film – I try to shoot a roll once a month just to keep things fresh. Most of the time though I also photograph the exact same thing with digital and then promise myself I’m going to keep things simple and either sell all my digital gear and go back to film, or sell my film gear and stick to digital. Luckily, I never do either.

    The problem I have with film – which other people love – is the amount of choice when choosing a film brand. I wish there was just one brand so we wouldn’t have to choose. I try to stick to Provia as much as possible though.

    The YouTube videos are great. You should have started doing them years ago.

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      I should have. Maybe if I loved the idea more I would have done so. At some point, I’ll walk away from it. So many roads to cycle…… I haven’t shot film in a long while. I just made the mistake of going on Twitter looking for a Blurb promo that just went out and noticed another hipster film guy showing lame film images, just because they were film, and he had around 150 likes. The entire thing just turns my stomach.

  2. Great video, Dan.

    I’m in ABQ and for fiber prints I squeegee front & back, hit it with a hair dryer to dry the surface, then tape down to a sheet of glass, face up, using artists tape and put in my warm air drying cabinet. Try come out pretty flat and doesn’t take that long to do.

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