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The first film in this series came during a stop in Maine several weeks ago. I am following it up with another as there was, and is, much to learn about the world these days. Might be photography-related, might be van-related, might be country related or even me-related. Never know what you are going to get. Like Forrest said, “Life is like a box of chocolates.” I remind you in this film but it begs to remind again. I am not “Mr. Together.” I am just making observations and sharing what I know.

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  1. Good stuff. I agree with most of what you’re saying with respect to our divided country. There’s just one aspect of this discussion, wherever it takes place, that annoys me. In my lifetime, I can’t remember a single instance of a conservative voice saying, you know, we should listen a little more. Maybe Kaepernick isn’t a traitor. Is there a chance that we’re taking defund the police too literally? I understand that there is a lot of bitterness throughout non coastal America (and in coastal America), for good reason. But this idea that the coastal elites are somehow taking over their lives – I’m not really sure how that works. I haven’t noticed anyone in eastern Washington or Eastern Oregon on cultural puppet strings. And as far as I can tell, their elected officials are still representing them.

    1. Let me add to that. When I travel, I like talking to people, meeting people, learning about where they’re from. When I mention I’m from Seattle, I hear the craziest stuff. How’s that socialism working out for you? Do you have to get some sort of passport to get into the CHOP or the CHAZ or whatever it is? Any straight people left there? REI must be making a lot of money on all tents…everyone there is strung out and living in one. Seattle used to be such a beautiful place. Most of its ridiculous. Seattle has a lot of problems, but it’s a great city (that I soon won’t be able to afford to live in). You know how many times I’ve gotten offended by these stupid comments? Once or twice, and probably because I shouldn’t have had that 3rd beer. It’s just people in one region talking trash about another region. It doesn’t affect me. (But if I turned around and said, this flyover state sure is beautiful, it’d be as if I’d shot the family dog.) Granted, there are some wealth, power, and representation dynamics at play, but in a lot of cases, something isn’t adding up.

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      I’m hearing it daily now. “Oh, on your way to Seattle, good luck with the needles.” “Oh, headed to Portland, they are shutting the entire city due to Antifa.” We now live in a post truth society. Math, science, truth and fact are now moldable.

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      Having just driven Eastern WA and Eastern OR I have seen Confederate flags, hate flags and even listening to someone tell me stories of why they were not getting vaxed, and their rational was as crazy as anything I could have ever made up. But, at the same time, saw and spoke to a lot of “normal,” people just trying to make ends meet, trying to stay smart and do what’s right. I’ve seen a lot of people only concerned with a media/political driven idea that everything now is a “personal freedom,” but NONE of these people when asked ever even thought of us as a collective. The idea of doing what is right for the collective was considered “socialism” and was to be reviled at all cost. Also, a lot of people who claim to be “doing their research,” but when questioned about how they were doing it basically copped to Facebook and Google.

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