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So, I was on my way to the bingo parlor, directions got all fouled and one thing led to another. The past month or so has been quite hectic but mostly self-inflicted. Refreshed Shifter site, much happening at Blurb, a trip to Baja, and much, much more. I’ve made some decisions about some of the content I’m going to do and other things that I’m going to stop. But let me explain. And then there is the question and answer portion.

1. 10:19, Why do you bag on wedding photographers?

2. 18:11, Was IG destined…..

3. 21:59, How do I photograph my family when they are reluctant?

4. 26:48, What makes a great photo essay?

5. 29:36, How have my gear needs changed?

6. 35:30, Are you even in the UK?

7. 36:18, Is it possible to just fly to a warzone and cover war?

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  1. Mike Smith is back in Wales and doing fantastic work with his a7III, now paired with the Tamron 28-200 mm and Nisi 15 mm. Maybe you can cooperate with him when going back to Great Britain? He’s doing many genres, people, portraits, landscape, street and motor-sport,

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      My guess is I will be sticking with Fuji as I have so much of the kit. I do love my Sony but to invest fully would be thousands. My wife would rage.

  2. Shame that there’s so much to worry about when talking about someone’s book. I understand how showing the contents could be tricky, and how that’s sort of a necessary part of reviewing a photo book vs. writing a critical review of a book or show. Still, in a perfect world, seems like an image or two and flipping through pages should be fine. Bummer.

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      The issue is, you just don’t know. If the wrong person sees it and says “Hmm, might be able to make some money,” it’s all over. I once got a call from someone I was WORKGING with who forget he was part of a project, saw the project, then called thinking he could sue. No joke.

  3. Also, I think at the start you said this wasn’t one of your best films. I disagree. These are some of my favorites, along the lines of FWIW.

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      I think the Q&A falls in the middle of my films. I love the Baja Begins type thing but those will never get real view count. Luckily, I don’t care. Want to do more photo related things as well.

  4. Hi Dan

    Great stuff as always!

    But… IF you would like to stay with Fuji and IF you’re not in a hurry, it may be worth the wait for the next big X-T camera. I have no inside information but some of the rumors I’ve seen circulating hint at a higher pixel X-T. Maybe a successor to the X-T4?

    I’m already prepping my wife for the next last camera I will ever need… 🙂

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      You KNOW they are coming with something. I’ve heard the most about the XH2, which for me would be a great camera. 40MP and far better for motion. I would also love whatever XPRO is coming next. My guess is, like all new cameras, BETTER. Also eyeing the 33mm 1.4. If I do any of this I might sell a lot of what I have. 23mm f/2, 35mm f/2 and probably both XT2 bodies if they are worth anything.

  5. I kinds know… just have no inside source on it. But there is a quietly rumored X-T5, possibly with larger sensor and — get this — tilt screen. I don’t have that much to trade in, just a T4, but if there is T5 with those enhancements I will pre-order in a heartbeat. I would love to get faster lenses but can’t justify it. So I’d be content with two lenses I the two lenses I have and use all the time: 35 f2 (50 equivalent) and 23 f2 (35 equiv)

    Enough eating up your time with conjecture though. I’ll get truly excited when I see something on Fuji Rumors… 🙂

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      I will never tire of blasting IG. It’s like a new Olympic sport. And my plan is to medal.

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    3. This is my last comment here, for as entertaining as your posts are, they have little relevance to what I do as a hobby photographer. You do a great service to aspiring younger photographers and I applaud that. Your obsession with Instagram is silly. There are many serious professional photographers and artists who use it as just another tool in the box, and seem to manage to do so without being addicted to it, Salgado for one comes to mind. Your rigid high horse attitude about IG has lost its entertainment value for me. Best wishes and good luck. No need to respond, I won’t be checking back. Cheers!

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  6. Hi Daniel,

    Great film, your rambles and answers are always entertaining and insightful. Giving food for thought.
    I love the films about the photo/art books, but get why you won’t do them for now due to the copyright issues.

    Once upon a time I wrote a comment here, pondering over the insta/facebook stuff. I quit instagram and facebook now for more than two months. And must say, what a great decision as a creative, more brain space for other, better things! As you mentioned, I also know of other creatives leaving the platforms. (Or they are contemplating that decision.)

    Looking forward to the website update, sounds great.

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      Isn’t it funny how after only a few weeks away the brain says “Yes, this is better.” Glad you are off the IG. More time to make work.

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