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I have to start this with a little tough love. (It’s the same tough love you have heard me provide again and again.) If you look at what Sebastian Schlueter has done with his magazine/book “TOMORROWLAND” and you still find a reason NOT to use this format then I will just say I wouldn’t hold out hope for working as a photographer. That twenty percent of creatives who always find reasons NOT to do experiments tend to just disappear. (More and more these days.)

There is nothing I love more than to receive things like this in the mail, and there is nothing I like more than creative people using the tools at their disposal. I could easily envision this work living in a variety of other spaces and places, but for now, it lives on these pages and it looks mighty good.

Beautiful emboss…..
Nicely designed card..
Nice added touch with red stamp.

Pay close attention to what else resides in the packaging and the attention to detail. This is adult marketing and printing. This is not “Hey, check my Insta feed,” if you want to see my work. (I totally ignore those folks.) This is thought, craft, and skill. And there is NOTHING in the hype world that replaces it.

And we haven’t even arrived at the guts yet. BEAUTIFUL DESIGN. Truly. Love how each aspect is treated. Typography, placement of copy vs visuals, consistency and overall feel and readability. Top notch. Far better than anything I’ve ever attempted to produce.

My advice is to buy a copy of this and study the Hell out of it. Don’t copy it, just look at what he did and attempt to figure out why. Use of color, image size, image placement, typeface, type size, type placement, edit, sequence, etc.

Did I mention the imagery? Rock solid. I lived for years in this area and drove by many of these establishments but never saw them look quite like this. All I can say is well, well done.

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    2. Was the emboss on a letter accompanying the photobook? It’s really nice. (Hey Shifter readers – I know some of you print postcards. I did a ton of research before settling on a Pixma ip110 (nomenclature might be wrong). Looks like I might be a bad researcher. Doesn’t seem to like the Hahnemuhle (sp?) 4×6 stock. Curious what you all use to print your postcards or other non copier paper paper.)

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