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This should be required viewing for all Americans. It never will be and remember it took a comedian to put this out. But he is SPOT on. The television news isn’t news, nor is most of what you see online. And, even the largest, most-respected news organizations, you know the ones I’m referring to, have been compromised beyond recognition and repeatedly get caught with their hands in the corporate cookie jar.(Check today’s Intercept.) They come out in favor of things like wars and politicians and the like and that is NOT what journalism is supposed to be about.

My mother lives in Texas and her local television news is almost entirely propaganda. It’s unwatchable. I know it’s not sexy but newspapers are still the go-to source for factual information, real journalism, and breaking news. The numbers don’t lie but everyone else sure does. Watch this and send it to a friend. And go buy the paper. Who controls the media controls the population. (delete FB, IG and Twitter)

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  1. Yes indeed. I stopped watching cable news in November, 2018 because of the ridiculous commentary. I found some news but not much. I never stopped subscribing to our local newspaper but confess that until I gave up cable news, I never read it thoroughly. I do now and often wrote to the local columnists with my thoughts and appreciation for what they are writing.

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      Who would have thunk it? Local news. Actual news. I have a hard time with online news as well, even from the “good” sources as they are so infected by advertising, advertorial, etc.

  2. Here here. If you watch TV news, you very seriously are making yourself less informed. The oversimplified bullet lists of 15 second news is going to make you dumb. MSNBC and Fox – zero difference.

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      Agree. And online isn’t much better. Just a mess of advertising, corporate influence and click bait, even with the “good” sources. Everyone is prey to their own greed.

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