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This box came in the mail and I’m still trying to figure it out. And I mean that in the best way. I was going to title this post “Recapitulations,” as that is one of the included publications but that is only ONE of many. This box, and these books, are quite something.

Murray describes himself as a street photographer but this work and these pubs are far beyond the randomness I see with most people calling themselves street photographers. The editing along would crush most people. Also included are notes, articles, and the like that help to provide context to what we are looking at.

These publications are the work of someone fully committed who has spent YEARS working in their craft, their style, and their consistency. Not to mention years working on print objects. Staring at one page of one publication and seeing total gems run small and part of a much larger message or idea. These publications are proof. Evidence and what modern street shooters should strive for.

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