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I run. Kinda. A lot of people run. And then you have people like Andrew Townsend who runs thousands of miles a year. I cycle thousands of miles a year but frankly can’t imagine running the same distance. Spanish Steps is Andrew’s recap of a 1000 mile run from the French/Spanish border, across the Pyrenees, along the Camino De Santiago and beyond. And just for fun, why not end with the Sierra Nevada Ultra.

Now, were I to undertake something like this the last thing on my mind would be photography because there is no way in Hell I would have wanted to carry a camera. But Andrew carried one and not only that…he used it. To make this book.

This book is a combination of historical document and photography journal. There are busy pages with small images detailing locations, people, food, but these spreads are balanced by simple, double-truck landscapes that are actually quite nice and I don’t even like landscape photography.

The paper is thick, solid and holds a good amount of ink and the cover is basically a flexi-cover style, thicker than the inside spreads but not hardcover. It’s beautiful and more than anything else it makes me want to get out and have my own adventure. Well done Andrew. No get back out there!

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  1. Dan,

    tried to order the book, but apparently does not ship to USA. “No shipping options were found ”


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  2. Thanks a million Dan for the kind words and the inspiration to do the e-zine in the first place. Also the invaluable advice of using the picture that tells the story (not necessarily the best one). Keep on inspiring!

    Rick – I’m really sorry but I forgot to put in the shipping cost! I’ve rectified it now ….. I think.

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      No problem. Well deserved. The running just kills me. How some people have bodies that allow for it. I just did an hour on my indoor trainer, which is great and leaves an enormous puddle underneath, but there is something to simple and beautiful about running.

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