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I am always on the lookout for intelligent uses of print, especially in the Digital Age, because I am a true believer in ink on paper. Enter Alex Palumbo. Photographer, filmmaker, printer of this and that and kind enough to pass along some of the fruits of his labor.

What you are looking at is one Hell of a promotional series but it’s actually more than that because it’s personal and documents a lifestyle as much as anything else. Adventure, above and below the surface. Quiet moments and snatches of the deep, dark depths.

These happen to be MagCloud Digest publications. The Digest happens to be one of my all-time favorite items. In fact, I’m designing a new one as we speak. Affordable, the right size, and MagCloud makes it easy by offering ONE paper type and ONE cover type. No getting lost in the rabbit hole of options.

I find these personal samples intriguing because they offer a small glimpse into another world. And as a set, Slack Tide in this case, they are even more powerful. Lay them out, shuffle. Browse at your leisure.

My office now has two massive columns of printed pieces that have arrived in the mail. Each time I check the post my pulse quickens when I look inside and see an unsolicited package. I’ve kept this set from Alex on my desk for several weeks now and have kept going back to them again and again. Not only because I dig print but also because the subject matter makes me want to go and to do.

If you haven’t explored print for yourself this is a very easy way to get started. I can’t stress enough how wonderful these look and how approachable they are.

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