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The odometer for Road Trip 2021 ticks past 3000 miles. Sixteen states, high heat, higher humidity, and the pulse of a culture in decline? No, but perhaps “recline” is an appropriate description. What have we learned? What are the questions I’m being asked and what are my wins and losses? And where is this channel going? Well, I’ve got answers but am just one guy moving solo in a metal box. Don’t expect too much. What I can say with certainty is this. WE MUST DO BETTER as a nation. Smarter, faster, kinder. Drop the political nonsense and party line lies. And for me, I’ve got power issues, time issues, and know that when the temp hits a certain number life in the van gets damn sticky.

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  1. Man, I was thinking about you while I was on a short trip in the Olympic Peninsula. I don’t know how you do it. I was solo and not on the Blurb clock…or cycling and hiking…I think I got about 1 minute of video footage. All kinds of reasons and excuses for that, but my point is – you get a lot done in a challenging environment.

    Was happy to see the return of “You got a crapper in that thing?” guy.

    The number of vans on the road these days is mind-boggling. They sure do seem to make a lot of sense. I’m grateful for being able to stay in hotels, and I’ve always loved hotels, but a different way of traveling is calling out. I went to Crescent Lake in the Olympic Peninsula. Absolutely incredible. I was determined to get in that water, and I did, and it was COLD. But beautiful. I wanted to paddle board, but I didn’t want to spend the $45 for one of the lodge’s (I should have). In other places I didn’t like the thought of leaving all of my stuff in the car while I wandered off for a short walk or a dip. Again, these are very surmountable challenges. Time to mix it up a bit.

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      Hey, you got out. That’s a start. And you got in, so now you are trending on the #adventure tag. I’ll bet you can find a used, inflatable SUP..

  2. I’m really enjoying all of these on-the-road videos and am glad to see your well…but hold on, did I miss something? Sony system along with the Fuji? Are you testing some Sony cameras now?

    I know you always complain about your internet speed at home but how are you coping on the road? Are you connecting online somehow in the van or doing everything offline until you can get somewhere and then upload everything? Just curious…

    Stay well and stay safe

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      We have something wonderful here in the US. Local libraries. And they have Wifi. Typically good too. Just uploaded two LONG films and they were done in less than five minutes. In Santa Fe this can take me hours. And yes, there is a Sony A7c in my bag now. Cause I’m that guy.

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