Create: Road Trip 2021, Episode Two

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Water. The wet world has been an integral part of my life since my early days. Going on the road allows for a wide range of water encounters. Paddle, swim, surf, fish, and more. Water has a personality, a look, feel and smell that morphs and envelopes us like a second skin. The van points north, still, with less and less land ahead. We’ve gone as far east as we can and now we inch north toward the denser unknown.

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  1. Dan, 1/2 way in. Great stuff. I love the water, too, but as with too many things, I always find excuses not to dive in. I’m going to get in a lake or a stream this week. On the topic of water, I think you’d love this film on Vimeo I just watched. If the link below is incorrect, it’s Voice Above Water by Dana Frankoff

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