Create: Road Trip 2021, Episode Seven

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Had the voiceover all ready to go. Done, set, recorded. And then I didn’t add it and think I like the film better without hearing my whimper of a voice. Did I mention how easily I lose my voice? Man, during my years of international, Blurb travel I would always be losing it. It would rally for the next talk, the next day, the next meeting, but those late nights of listening only are still front and center in my mind. Road Trip 2021 is officially over but guess what? The second leg is about to start. This time in the opposite direction. Stay tuned. New packs, new kit, and new agenda.

Music: John Bartmamm, Serial Killer from One, from http://www.freemusicarchive

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  1. You’re a bastard…. Meant in the most respectful way…. I’ve been binge watching your channel since blog 1 now for about 2 hours and shifted to the website….living my life vicariously for a bit through your eyes and lens… thank you for your effort, it’s greatly appreciated….sorry for your challenge with Lymes… have a good friend who’s efforts at life post-Lyme disease have not been as successful..

    Looking forward to making your acquaintance someday,


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      I am. I live vicariously through a ton of people so I’m flattered. Lyme is bad, really bad so the key is NOT to get it.

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