Create: Road Trip 2021, Episode Four

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Nothing changes up the day quite like a shark spotting. Miles away but the white pointer does what he or she pleases and us lower on the food chain must scramble to find a Plan B. Such is life in the road, adaptation being the narrative of each and every day. That is why we go on the road. To toss aside routine, safety, and the mundane. We are here, alive and willing to go just a bit further, a bit beyond.

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  1. Great story telling Dan! Photos combined with the audio make this something special. Especially liked the Jaws reference!

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      Brody! That movie did more to terrorize the global population than any movie in history!

  2. Really liked this one. Those photos are beautiful. This format is giving my some hope for making videos. I just spent a couple of days in the Olympic Peninsula. Dragged a bunch of gear along. Somewhere in the back of my head there’s an idea of how to solo shoot travel footage. For now it’s staying buried deep in the back of my head.

    I have an X-H1, and I struggle with it, technically and creatively. I’m sure the GoPro is more limited, but it sure is a lot easier.

    Those photos are just great.

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      GoPro is great but limited. The Fuji is great but as you mention, more to carry. Same for Fuji. I’m going out this morning, on a boat. GoPro, Sony, audio recorder but might swap Fuji for Sony. Depends on my lens needs. Oh, and both fly casting and spinning gear. I’m like a yard sale.

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