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Yes, still in the van and still fielding questions. You can’t stop me, I’m mobile, agile, and hostile. Okay, not really. I stole that from a movie I can’t remember.

1. 1:18, Is black and white in photojournalism dead?

2. 4:00, Box Speed, 200, and process normal? Push? Pull?

3. 9:25, How do I drive traffic to my site without Instagram?

4. 13:50, Can you tell me how to do a detached photo essay?

5. 18:07, What bike hub if you could only have one?

6. 24:30, Why a 50mm and tell me more about compression?

7. 27:24, Why are you now doing conceptual work and how do you think about it?

8. 31:24, Have you ever thought of working as a photo editor?

9. 34:30, What do you think of Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France?

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  1. Had to stop after 4. Will watch the rest later. Fun, informative. Not trolling – not sure how in the grand scheme of things YouTube is any different than Instagram with respect to the negatives. Is Google any different than FB/IG? I nuked IG ages ago. Really don’t like the product. There are aspects of it I miss – I think some people are able to use it for connecting without it using them. I wasn’t one of them. It had to go. I like the way you use YouTube, but I’m grateful that I can watch your videos here rather than there. I kick myself every time I open YT.

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      This film is what, 39 minutes long…..and IG is what..2 seconds per post? I don’t know a single IG user who isn’t being used. But to your point, they are ALL bad. My landing on YT was work-related, so I’m being paid well to make motion work for other purposes. My YT was about learning, testing and having a landing zone.

    2. That makes sense. Again, I like your work, and viewing it here I forget all about the platform. Which also removes that awful thing about all these platforms. As you mentioned, they were built to feed on human….I forget how you worded it. On that main page, though – and I’m susceptible – if I’m not disciplined about going straight to subscriptions, there’s a chance I’ll go down the rabbit hole.

      I still intend to some film/video work and am debating between YT and Vimeo. I know the old adage – if you want it to look great, put it on Vimeo. If you want people to watch it, put it on YT. We’ll see.

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  2. So much of this resonates.

    The need to build your own online eco-system way from social media (something I’ve been doing for while and inspired by your rants), sticking to a 50mm lens which I used to do but got sucked into GAS syndrome again, being in the moment when photographing and not caring what happens to the images, and of course Lance.

    I’ve watched the Tour since around 2000 and also brief periods in the late 1980s and early 1990s. To think that they were’t ALL doping is ridiculous. There was one race in the mid-1990s I believe (perhaps in Belgium, its on YouTube somewhere), when the podium was filled with three riders from the same team. They obviously had the best steroids at the time. But yes, Lance got so many people into cycling all around the world and that shouldn’t be dismissed lightly.

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      My fav rider was nicknamed “Testo.” I still loved watching him ride. And the rest of them. It was, and probably still is, a dopers paradise. Me, I don’t care. I want you and your neighbor on bikes.

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